2011 Other Races

Our Previous Races in 2011:

Paddle for Patriots (formally the Perennial Paddle)
  • A fantastic turn-out in Memorial Honor of all the 9/11 Victims and their Families was had on 9/11/11.  More Surf skis than you have ever seen in one local paddling event. Many ages raced out there from 4 yrs old to over 64 yrs old. Great time was had by all thanks to Race Dir – Chuck Conley  badweatherpaddler@cox.net A riveting informal Awards banquet immediately followed the race at the home of RD Chuck C with lots of food and beverages. Hope to see many of you participants at this Fall’s Urban-O at VB Oceanfront as well as at next year’s Paddle-O race in Sandbridge. Results will follow soon  here.

2011 3, 6 & 12 hr Feb Rogaine:

Below are the Results from the 3, 6 & 12 hr courses, including a tab for the CP punch locations. If you didn’t know, there were 70 separate Control Flags who’s location we had to design, set and test. This took place over 4 different weekends prior to race. The 3-hr course was tested 4 times up to the weekend before the race, the Bike-O course tested once, the Night-O flags were hung the day before the race and the Bike-O section flags were hung the weekend before the race. CP18 on the 3 & 12 hr AM course must have blown away the day before during all that high winds. The local Authorities and the Rescue Dept were informed of the event in case there were any issues or problems.

FYI, every property owner next to any of the CPs were contacted and their approvals given. I also have their names and info on my Insurance for Liability protection. So NONE of the CPs were on Private Property. Apparently some people didn’t realize that so many racers would be coming near their properties. If racers chose to walk through the middle of people’s yards, they might have upset some land owners. Lastly, I apologize for the crazy nut job in the red car who threatened or lied to some of you. He owned NO property we were traveling on to get to any CPs. (How do you plan for that?) RE: Chanco – I have worked with them over 3 different races over 4 yrs on their grounds in the past. For this race, their forms were signed, dates were agreed upon by Chanco Staff and reminder messages sent to them well prior to race day. NO problems with any of this were ever expressed prior to race day when they started stopping racers attempting to go in their camp. (Again, how much more can one plan for this anomaly?) I thank all of you for being patient in any of these situations and moving on to another of the 70 flags. To be fair to any who went to or tried to go to or were turned away from these, I gave credit to all for Pipsico CP 18 and Bike-O CP 30, 36 (& CP10-13 for 12-hr racers). If any of you have any other situations at a CP, let me know.

If you have any great pictures, videos or cute CP stories, send them to me to add to the SBB website for all to enjoy. In 2012, we won’t be heading into such an urban area so it will be mostly rural woods and hunter trails similar to the beginning or end of your race.


Congrats to Gord Hunter for winning the 3-hr Rogaine for the 2nd yr in a row!

Runner up Josef Trzicky came all the way from Raleigh, NC onto Runner-up position

Complete 3-hr results below:

2011 SBB Rogaine 3-hr Results


Congrats to Too Many Kids for winning the 6-hr Land Nav Challenge for the 2nd yr in a row!

Runner up Thirsty Turtles were a very close 2nd Place.


2011 SBB Land Nav Challenge 6-hr Results 


Soloist Brian Mayer of Team Sog Annihilated the 12-hr course on his way to victory!

Team Dirty Old Men quietly cleaned the course right behind Brian for 2nd Place.


2011 SBB Land Nav Challenge 12-hr Results