2012 Rogaine & Land Nav Challenge

SBB Racing wishes to thank all of you who attended our 3rd Annual Feb Rogaine and AR Land Nav Challenge. We stepped it up a notch in our design to bring you an all new and challenging fun race w/ no outside issues. Plus, we got a great surprise in a Guest Chef Al who volunteered to helped make all of that wonderful food you enjoyed. Speaking of the wonderful food, the Feb Kitchen Staff asked if they could come on out again and cook for you all after you complete the June 9-10th Summer Solstice Adventure Races. On that note, with HR Adventure apparantly not putting out a 2012 schedule, the Summer Solstice races are one of the only regional races in 2012. Click on 2012 races and to the Registration page and sign on up for the EXTRA Early Bird Reg fee before the Registration fees go up very soon. This race will have some fun, tough and challenging aspects to it as well as things you may have never done before w/ a couple twists added in. Now, onto the results!

12 Hour:

1st: Team SOG (Soloist Brian Mayer)
2nd: Team Odyssey (Ronny Angell/Jen Smith)
3rd: HalfwayThere.com (Tie – Soloists Barry Nobles & Victor Lin)

6 Hour:

1st: A-List/Too Many Kids (Jim Webber/Tom O’Donnell)
2nd: Busted Spleen (Soloist CJ Austin)
3rd: Low Speed/High Drag (Matthew Bange/Palmer Hollister)

3 Hour:

1st: Fighting Mongooses (Joe Hammond/Tim Laseter/John Laseter)
2nd: A&B, Where are we? (Aric Martinez/Brent Russell)
3rd: Team Pike (Pam McKay/Mike Jones)

Congratulations to everyone!


Team Halfway There.com Race Report from Sat Feb 25th Rogaine



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