2014 Patriot’s Battle AR

What: Patriot’s Battle Adventure Race

When: Sat May 3rd, 2014

Where: Newport News/Yorktown

Length:  8 hr “Rogaine-Style” AR 

  • Disciplines: Biking, Trekking, Paddling & Navigation! (Approx. 25-30 mi for 8-hr race)
  • Start Times: 8-hr race 8 AM
  • Cost: $125/person for 8-hr race
  • Lowest Cost AR races in the region
  • Prices will include: Fresh Post-race food, My Topo Maps, Top Finisher Prize Entries and LOTS of Sponsor Swag for all
  • Includes Pre-tested race course by seasoned AR racer Johnny Utah!
  • Racers required to carry ALL Std SBB Gear List items
  • Racers to provide their own boats (There “may” be some rentals available through outfitters). If interested, contact mark@sbbracing.com prior to Apr 21st, 2014.
  • Volunteers needed – Free “transferable” Race Credits for use at other SBB races for all volunteers (even from other friends/family)
  • 2014 Patriot’s Battle Capt. Comm


What is the scale of the maps?
The Main race map will be a MyTopo 1:15,000 scale. There will be Park Maps as well provided.

How many maps will we be receiving?
Racers will get one large MyTopo Map (1:15K), and all applicable Park Maps

Will the maps be waterproof?
The MyTopo Map is waterproof but any ink on it will most likely run if it gets wet with the water in this race. All other maps will NOT be waterproof. Suggested having adequate Map protection (ie. Map Case).

Will we be required to plot the points onto the maps we receive?
MOST of the CPs will be pre-plotted for you prior to race start. Racers will be plotting some of the CPs at the start of the race on their MyTopo maps with free provided Map Plotting Tool (if needed).

Where is the START Location of this race?
The Host City will be Newport News, VA. The exact START/FINISH location for this race is Newport News Park Picnic Area #2.

What if I am missing a piece of gear specified on the gear list?
AR folks are always prepared. We’re sure there will be another team out there who might have the missing item needed. If found on the course that you’re missing an item being checked, your team will receive the Missing Gear penalty. Items that sometimes need clarification are: Knife type/size, Fleece garments, waterproof garments, Certain First Aid Gear OR anything else we might ask for on the Required Gear List. If in doubt, see Race Director with item(s).

When will we get our maps and rules of travel?
Teams will get their maps and rules of travel after your entire team has completed the check in process. Most points are pre-plotted so all plotting will be on the clock after race start.

Can we check in if a team member will not be there for check-in?
No, unless there is a special circumstance. If so, let us know ahead of time and we will try to accommodate your team.

When will the Gear Check be performed?
SBB Racing staff WILL be checking gear SOMEWHERE on the race course once. Each item missing will equal a penalty of one mandatory checkpoint.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

There are no complete refunds for our SBB races. However, we will offer up to a 100% credit to a future SBB event for 30 days or more cancellation prior to race event date. 30 days or less before the event, no credits will be issued.


8-hr Race:

Sat May 3rd, 2014

6:15-7:15 AM: Bike & Boat Drop, Check-in, Get Maps & Instructions

7:30 AM: Team Race Brief

7:45 AM: Capt. Final Brief & Passports

8:00 AM: Race Starts

Approx. 3:00-4:00 PM: Race Finishes

3:30 PM – Post Race picnic begins

4:30 PM – Awards banquet


From DC: Take I-95 S to I-295 East to I-64 towards Norfolk. Take Ft. Eustis Exit # 250B. Loop around and follow to 1st light (Jefferson Blvd – Rte 143). Turn L (heading North) and go 0.25 mi and turn R into Newport News Park. Go straight (East) 0.5 mi in park to Race HQ.

From Norfolk/Virginia Beach: Take I-64 West through HRBT and to Ft. Eustis exit#250B. At bottom of ramp, turn L at light and go thru next light (Ft. Eustis Blvd) for approx. 0.25 mi and turn R into Newport News Park. Go straight (East) 0.5 mi in park to Race HQ.



Below is a link to the FINAL RESULTS for the May 3rd Patriot’s Battle 8-hr Adventure Race. There should be 3 Tabs accessible to all, showing Trekking & Paddle Punches (Punch Card #1), Bike-O Punches (Punch Card #2) and lastly Trek-O, Paddle-O and Bike-O times with overall CP Scores, Total Race Times and Final Rankings. After an hours worth of Punch Card re-review, a few Ranking changes have been made. We know that some of you went to where CP28 was, but could not locate it. The CP “appeared” to be missing. I hung that Flag last Sat and had permission to be on that land. When I went to retrieve the flags last night after the race, it was missing from the location and assumed stolen. To be fair to all, I don’t know who went there and who didn’t so we simply gave NO credit to any team. Congratulations to all of you who worked so hard and raced here. We’ll see you Sat Jun 21st at the Summer Solstice 12-hr AR.

FINAL RESULTS Patriot’s Battle 8-hr AR

Team Double Trouble – Race Report

STATISTICALLY SPEAKING: For those who always wondered which CPs did everyone else go to, compared to your team? Below is an approx. % for every Section and CP # that was visited by teams. (ex. CP1 = 70% means 70% of the teams punched CP1)

Trek-O Leg – (CPs 1-10) CP1 = 70%, CP2 = 100%, CP3 = 90%, CP4 = 90%, CP5 = 90%, CP6 = 90%, CP7 = 90%, CP8 = 90%, CP10 = 100%, CP11 = 20%, CP12 = 10%, CP13 = 20%

Paddle-O Leg – (CPs 14-18) CP14 = 100%, CP15 = 90%, CP16 = 80%, CP17 = 80%, CP18 = 80%

Bike-O Leg – (CPs 19-30) CP19 = 40%, CP20 = 40%, CP21 = 20%, CP22 = 60%, CP23 = 30%, CP24 = 70%, CP25 = 50%, CP26 = 30%, CP27 = 30%, CP28 = 0%, CP29 = 20%, CP30 = 50%