2014 Summer Solstice AR

The 2014 SBB Racing Summer Solstice Adventure Races were both huge successes, despite losing a few teams to injury and deployment extension the last week before the races. In the 12-hr race, there was a 3-way battle for 1st Place by 3 teams who all cleared the entire course. Congratulations and 1st place go out to Erik Gruner and Tom O’Donnell of Too Many Kids/A-List for a hard fought victory in record time. Just behind them and fighting off the third place team was Kara Chaconas and Daniel Rodriguez of Team Richmond ASR. And slipping in just behind them for 3rd place was Mark Ross and Chris Stepanski of Team Factory Refurbished in their best race in years. Honorable Mention goes out to Team Waiting for Tess who only missed clearing the course as well by missing only one CP on the bike and one CP on the paddle.

In the 8-hr Race, Mark Parsell and Victor Sothcott came out of semi-retirement to jump back in the AR game and zoom on out to victory there by only 1 point! Just behind them all day in a fierce battle were the Father and Son team (Greg & Josh Pike) of Team Pike and rounding out 3rd place was David Cooke and 1st time AR racer Karl Hunder of Team Toiling Tortoises and a Giant. Complete results can be seen below with all TA times, Special Skill figures and CP Punch results:

SS Final Results