Emmy Shea

Home Town:

Phoenixville, PA


Personal Trainer and Athlete Conditioning Coach


Emmy is a lifelong athlete and has been teaching others for a decade. She was captain of the Skidmore College polo team in 2010. Upon graduating, she was the head coach of the nationally ranked Brandywine Scholastic women and open polo teams. Emmy has taught horseback riding lessons for many years via camps, clinics, and private instruction.

Emmy started training martial arts in 2011. She holds a purple belt/ a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jits Su and a blue belt black in Kickboxing. She has also studied Tae Kwan Do and many other martial arts disciplines. She recently won the D.C./Virginia district golden gloves Boxing Championship in March 2017. Emmy specializes in teaching muscular and cardio endurance, core strengthening and yoga. She teaches small group sessions, boot camps for all ages and levels.


Emmy chose adventure racing because it is a sustainable sport over the course of a lifetime and because “the stadium” is the most glorious of them all. She is drawn to the suspense leading up to the race…not knowing the weather, rapids, mud, or even the map. Emmy has no favorite disciple. However, when in doubt, she loves to kayak!


  • 2017 The Savage (first race!)
  • 2018 The Sylvan (first race with Sam!)
  • 2019 Crooked Compass (first race with Mark!)