Samuel Prestidge

Home Town:

Southern Maryland


Licensed Professional Forester


Like a lot of people Sam remembers watching ECO Challenge back in the day and that kind of stuck with him. In 2010 he met Jason & Chelsey Magness at an AcroYoga event and heard some stories of training and racing. He pretty much hasn’t looked back since!

When he’s not racing, Sam enjoys spending time with his wife, Brenna, and two dogs, Charlotte, and Maya. They can often be found playing in the American Chestnut Land Trust or along the Chesapeake Bay. On occasion Brenna and Sam will be seen practicing AcroYoga at their house in Southern Maryland!


Sam competed in his first adventure race in 2012 and has completed approximately 25 since then. He tends to enjoy 12 hour races the most but is working toward longer multi day races. Bushwacking is probably where Sam is most comfortable but in the past couple of years, he’s really started to enjoy Kayaking!

Why does Adventure Racing appeal to Sam? The simplest answer is that AR allows him to be outside with a group of friends pushing himself in a way he may not do on a daily basis. The more complicated answer is that AR challenges and fulfills him like no other physical active can. Diversity in disciplines provide the opportunity/need to perform in all different methods. The team aspect provides community along the path (joy is best when shared). Using a map and compass brings in a mental challenge that a lot of traditional race formats don’t have. Team work, exploration of new areas and community are some aspects that keep him coming back!


  • Calleva Adventure Race (2015-2017)
  • Adventure Enablers (multiple races, multiple years)
  • Soggy Bottom Boys Summer Solstice (2016)
  • Adventure Addicts Adrenaline Rush (1st place, Nationals Qualifier)
  • The Bend AR (2017)
  • Untamed New England (2018)
  • The super-local American Chestnut Land Trust Parker Creek Challenge