2016 Summer Solstice Registration Closing at Midnight!

June 6th, 2016 – Registration for the 2016 Summer Solstice closes officially at midnight on Tue June 7th. This allows our staff to do all the last-,inute race preparations for you all. If you planned to race and somehow completely forgot till now, you have 24 more hrs to Register…

May 30th, 2016 – Happy Memorial Day everyone! SBB Racing hopes that you all have had a wonderful Holiday weekend with friends & family. The 2016 SS Capt. Comm. Letter will be going out to all Team Capt. this evening with LOTS of insightful info and details in preparation for your upcoming race in 3 weeks. There are about 15-16 Individual Slots left with a few teams registering today, so hurry and get one of the few remaining slots!

April 24th, 2016 – We were going to hold off on announcing the host city for the 2016 Summer Solstice until after May 1st, but many of you have been trying to determining your registration or not on this. SO, SBB Racing is proud to announce the Host City Venue for the 2016 Summer Solstice Races will be the greater Williamsburg & surrounding areas. There will be Tent camping and Trailer camping very close to the START, but NO cabins. Info on that and much more will be announced in the Capt. Comm. letter going out around Memorial Day weekend. There are dozens+ of hotels in the greater Williamsburg area w/in 20+ mi of the Start as well for those who are traveling the day before and possibly staying over.

April 9th, 2016 – Well old man winter doesn’t want to seem to let go of spring, despite what Punxsutawney Phil had to say. Many of you have been out racing and training amongst freezing sleet and some light snow. We had some come down at the Crooked Compass on us for a little while. No worries, there will be plenty of warm weather at the 2016 Summer Solstice along with a nice swimming pool awaiting you at the Finish! The race is heating up and the available race slots are going fast. Insure to register before April 30th and get the final discounts and avoid Race -Day Registration Full Price, after May 1st, 2016!

March 6th, 2016 – Good Bye Winter and Hello Spring!! It has been great running into many of you out there in the woods this winter and early spring at Regional O-Meets. Well it’s official, with all the AR Race Org either closed up shop or on a temporary hiatus, there are only two known adventure races in all of the Mid-Atlantic this year, the Summer Solstice (June 18th) and the Dominion RiverRock (May 21st). Both are long-running races that both challenge and thrill you. SO, with limited allowable participant permits on both races, if you’re looking to race in 2016 in the Mid-Atlantic, you’re encouraged to sign up early to reserve your spot (and get big discounts as a bonus).

Jan 4th, 2016 – Happy New Years to you all. I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season and got everything you wished for? SBB Racing has one more gift to give everyone. If you register for the 2016 Summer Solstice (June 18th) before Mar 31st, SBB Racing will give you a 30 % off the race-day Registration cost of $175 (12-hr course) and $125 (8-hr course). The courses have been designed and are 85% completed already as of Jan 1st, 2016. All CP locations have been trekked or paddled to at least twice and we’re just refining the course for you now. 2-3 complete course testings will happen prior to race day to insure a top notch race course for you all. Finally, an exciting Mtn. Bike Time Trial will be in the middle of the course all around a very unique farm. So, sign up now and get your post-holiday gift from SBB Racing.

Nov 20th, 2015 – Hello AR race fans. We have been busy for the last month and a half  working on the 2016 Summer Solstice race course. Checked out the parks we planned to be in, hiked a bunch of trails and GPX’d  them for adding to your maps and met with some folks in charge of these locations to discuss the June race. All seem to be excited and happy for everyone. I will be doing some distance testing in the next month to insure the course is exactly as it appears to be for you all. Stay tuned soon to the SBB website for some dates info and Super Early Bird Registration with huge discounts.

Sept 20th, 2015 – Weeeeeeere Baaaaack! SBB Racing just announced the return of Adventure Races to the public for 2016. The first of these will be the 2016 Summer Solstice AR June 18-19th, 2016 weekend. Details of this race and others will be on the SBB website in coming months. Please stay tuned to the SBB website doe all these details.

Sept 10th, 2014 – Hello AR racers! I hope this message reaches all of you checking out the SBB Racing site. Mike, Pam & I have itched our way through a ton of chiggers (mostly Mike) to finalize your race course for you. We think you all will have fun and be challenged as always in SBB races. We have lots of “skippable” small CP sections to allow any team interested in completing this course, while at the same time challenging the toughest teams out there to try and clear this course. There will be a bunch of SCHWAG at the end of the race as we blow-out the 2015 AR season. As a last minute incentive to sign up, we have decided to offer a $150 cash 1st place team prize to any team of 2 or more persons! We look fwd to bringing back this sleeping giant of an AR race just for all of you……. Aug 26th, 2014 – Good morning or good evening everyone (depending on when you read this). Mike, Pam and I have been scouring the Eastern Shore to create an awesome 20-22 hr. long 40+ CP course for everyone. As mentioned before, if you have raced past STORM races, you’ll recognize some locations you pass through and new ones you have yet to discover. A couple interesting twists you’ll find on race day as well. One great point is no elevation but lots of distance and optional Orienteering so if you’re doing great, keep going for them all but if you fall behind at any point, simply skip some CPs and get caught back up for the rest of the race. As usual, our incredible traveling Chefs will be with us again to prepare home-made goodies for you upon your completion of the race. Grab your Teammates and get registered now for this iconic AR race. Sun July 27th, 2014 – Howdy all! Hope everyone’s ready for a great Fall race in late September. Old friends and former HR Adventure Owners Mike & Pam have joined forces with SBB Racing to co-design and co-run the 2014 STORM the Eastern Shore AR race Sat Sept 27th. We’ll be hitting some old haunts and adding in some new twists for everyone. As in all SBB races, 100% of the course will be Rogaine-style so EVERYONE who crosses the Finish line is an “official” finisher. Sign up SOON before the Huge Discount runs out Aug 15th, 2014 at midnight! June 23rd, 2014 – Hello everyone! The 2014 version of the Summer Solstice Adventure Races were a huge success and we still missed many of you out there. If you ask everyone who raced Sat, they would have said “To bad for anyone who missed all the fun!” 16 teams toed the line for both races and never looked back on their way to many challenges, experiences and fun sections of the race. At the end, they were greeted by cheering racers and volunteers and then stuffed their faces with all kinds of home-made Fried Chicken, Baked Ham Rigitoni, Chinese salad, Fresh Yeast Rolls, Ice-cold water melon and plenty of desserts. All this and more will be in store at the weekend of Sept 27th, 2014 STORM the Eastern Shore Adventure Race for all who brave the elements and come on out to race! June 14th, 2014 – Well race fans we are just one week away for the 2014 Summer Solstice Adventure races and I know all of you are very excited at what we have in store for you. When you’re done, insure you bring your swim suits as we are paying for the swimming pool in all the pictures to be open for you to cool off in after your race. See everyone in a week! June 6th, 2014 – Folks we are just over 2 weeks away from the 2014 Summer Solstice Race and I am as excited as if I were getting ready to race myself! We have tons of race course excitement and fun in store for you all and still some room for you last minute stragglers. We need to order our maps and our food in a week “max” to get them back in time for the race so we’ll have a Registration cutoff of next Wed and no more racers will be allowed to join in all the fun. SO, if you were on the fence, time to hop on down and head on over to REGISTRATION and get signed up. May 22, 2014 – Well Howdy AR race pardners. Welcome back to your next edition in the 3-race Cash Series, the Summer Solstice 12-hr Adventure Race. On Sat June 21st, our host venue will be the Triple R Ranch with lots of horses and western motifs abounding. We have a challenging and fun race in store for everyone with lots of surprises. Sounds like a lot of soloists are lining up to do battle alongside all the full teams. Our 75 person race limit is filling up fast so don’t doddle and mosey on over to the Registration page and get signed up, while there’s still room for you. Our seasoned race course tesresrs have already been out there a couple times and we’ve made a few adjustments to give y’all a great course. See everyone soon! May 4th, 2014 – Good afternoon on this beautiful Sunday afternoon in VA! Yesterday 12 teams of racers lined up for the 8-hr Patriot’s Battle AR race, eager to figure out the opening leg clues and get started. God gave us perfect weather for Adventure Racing, sunny and in the 70’s. The Prologue started and they were all off. 7.5 hrs later most teams came zooming in to beat the 4PM Finish time and chowed down on home-made grilled Burgers, Brats, Pasta Salad, Beans, Chips, Cookies and more while SBB Racing figured out the Standings for all. After the results, lots of SCHWAG were given away to all the teams. Everyone loved the venue, the rain-soaked Soggy Bottoms they had to trek or bike through and had a great time. Many can’t wait to race again and are already planning to sign up for the upcoming June 21st Summer Solstice 12-hr AR race. April 7, 2014 – Well hello everyone, we are less than a month away from race day and we have a few announcements. First off, the Patriot’s Battle AR host city will be Newport News, VA. Secondly, all Registered Teams will be receiving the Captain’s Communication Letter in 1 week with a lot of helpful and insightful information to help your race experience planning. SO, if you planned on racing in May, get on the Registration Page now and get signed up quickly! See all of you in a few weeks.  March 2014 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! Well we are only 7 weeks away from the 2014 Patriot’s Battle Adventure Race and the spots are filling up quickly. We had a meeting with the park Venue Staff and due to another large event going on that day, the Patriot’s Battle race is going to be limited to a maximum of 85 people. With a third of those slots already filled, it will be 1st come, first serve. SO, if you planned on racing with us in May, it behooves of you to get registered soon (this also insures you the discounted price until April 1st). Hope you all are had a great winter and are ready for an awesome yr of racing. February 2014 – Course Testers Needed! – Hello all you Adventure Racers! SBB Racing knows everyone has certain races they like to do that might conflict with another race that is the same weekend or back-to-back weekends. As a result, you might not be able to race at all three of our 2014 races. If you are one of these teams unable to race all three, we are looking for a few teams to pre-run our 2014 race courses and test them out for the rest of the AR Community so that we insure well planned and pre-tested out courses. In exchange for pre-testing our courses, we are offering SIGNIFICANT discounts on Race Entry for our other 2014 races. If you are one of these teams interested, contact Mark M at Mark@sbbracing.com and thanks from us all. January 2014 – Happy New Years to all of you Adventure Racers and Outdoor Enthusiasts! Well SBB Racing is well into the planning stages of the 2014 season and we have a couple updates for you. The Spring Patriot’s Battle AR course is 100% designed and has been tested already once. One more testing and it will be locked in. Summer Solstice AR is 100% designed and partially tested already. Just waiting on approval from the City and then we are full go ahead for final design and testing. STORM the Eastern Shore AR is 75% conceptually designed and I have met with the City folks once and they are a go for the race. Last bit of news is that our planned race partners (Delmarva Adventure Sports) has had some personal issues that are causing them to take 2014 off from putting on races. As a result, we STILL plan on having a 3-Race Points Series with all 3 SBB races and will even be giving additional discounts ($50 back after STORM race) to teams that pre-sign up for all 3 races before our first race of 2014. Top teams in each Div for the 3-race series will win $100. cash. Registration is Open NOW! Christmas 2013 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all of you out there. I hope that all of you are enjoying all this crazy warm weather and getting out there in the woods and trails. Thanks to Michelle & Andy of Adventure Racing Addicts, we all will have a winter workout next month to check out the shape we’re in for the 2014 season. Speaking of 2014 season, SBB Racing has been in meetings and discussions with 3 cities for our 2014 race season events. All has went well so we are ready to “officially” announce the SBB Racing 2014 Race Season Series. Just after the New Years  kicks off in Jan 2014, the Registration section of our races will open up with Lots of BIG discounts for early registrations and whole race series registrations. Check out all our races under the 2014 Race Updates November 2013 – Hello fellow Adventure Racers and welcome to Fall of 2013! Each year we all keep seeing a decline in the # of available races in the sport we all love so much. This has bothered me as a fellow racer as well. So much that I decided to put my racing career on temporary hold next year in 2014 (might still do a race or two for fun) and put on 3 exciting races for you all including a fall race we once all once enjoyed so much (hint, hint)! SBB Racing will plan to pick up the void left by the disappearance of HR Adventure and even be working with many of the same Org and staff that HRA had in the past, in planning to reintroduce AR Racing to old and new racers alike. SBB Racing will also be partnering with Delmarva Adventure Sports to put on a 3-State Race Series with 3 races from SBB Racing and 1-2 races from Delmarva Adventure Sports in VA, MD and DE. It will be a Points Chase Series with the ability to earn points in all 5 races and the overall winner will be the ones who earn the most overall points at the end of the 5 races. You’ll be able to do as few or as many of these races as you like, gaining points in each one you attend. Stay tuned to the SBB Racing website over the remainder of 2013 and into 2014 for more detailed info on each of our planned races as well as the 3-State Series with Delmarva Adventure Sports and we hope to see all of you in 2014 at many of our events! April 30, 2013 – Fellow Adventure Racers: Life, like Adventure Racing, takes many unexpected turns. How we react to these defines our character and experience. I decided a couple months ago to leave my job of 13 yrs and look for something different. I was getting stagnant and needed a change. Well as they say, be careful for what you wish for. Out of no where, 2 different opportunities came looking for me before I looked for them. I now work as an independent contractor for both of these companies part time and now actually have more free time than before, however at a price. For certain times of the year, I have to go out of town for up to a mth at a time and the first of these is in late Jun – late July. This means I will not be able to put on the Summer Solstice AR. As it stands, the Fall Nov Rogaine is a full go still. I apologize to any of you who put our SS race on your personal race calendar for June 2013. There are a couple other June races like the Delmarva one to consider switching to. On a much brighter note, I am working with a couple other folks to help resurrect HR Adventure in some capacity (possibly under a different name). We hope to possibly be able to add a fall short AR race to announce the restarting of an AR icon in the Tidewater area. I just pre-tested the Richmond Dominion River-rock AR course and you all are in for a real humdinger course. Phil Dawson and crew have designed a great course that will challenge all of your AR and physical skills. I’ll see some of you this weekend at the MAPA 50 mi paddle race or some at the OAR Wild and Wonderful in 2 weekends. Keep on training and keep on racing! Jan 11, 2013 – Hello race fans and Happy New Years to you all!. 2013 has started off with a bang as we have a bunch of shake-ups. As you all read, the Boy Scout Camp won’t be available all winter as they do renovations so the Feb Rogaine is out, but as you read, we “WILL” have a 3 and 6 hr Rogaine in Chesapeake area on Sat Nov 9th. Registration will open for that later in the year. Details are on the SBB Website. Summer Solstice moced to the actual Solstice weekend (June 22/23) and Registration is OPEN now. Team River Runner WAS going to have a Spring Race we were going to help advertise but I was just told that this isn’t working out for them. They will have their LockMess Monster race June 8th weekend. Go to Team River Runners website for info on that. I joind forces with Don Mann and am the Director of Operations for an Iron length Ultra Triathlon Sat Sept 7th, 2013 so that will occupy a lot of my time besides racing this spring. Hope to see many of you out in the woods at CVOC O-Meets and the spring ARs in our area this Spring! Nov 9th, 2012 – We have been in some discussions with another big park in the greater Tidewater area about the Feb Rogaine type races. They are pretty amenable for us having a race there in that time period. Feb 2013 is still out but now we will now have time  with our other 2013 race schedule to get final permissions approved, design 3 all-new courses for you and start 2014 off with a bang! So we look fwd to seeing all of you again at next Feb all new Rogaine and Land Nav Challenge! Don’t forget in your AR Race Planning for 2013 to put the 2013 Summer Solstice on your calendar and sign up EXTRA early and receive a huge discount off race month pricing. BTW, we have a all new venue already set for the 2014 Summer Solstice Adventure Races. See you in the woods! Oct 1st, 2012 – Well sorry, but bad new friends. Pipsico staff has been working all last year since our event upgrading the camp and as a result, they have booked almost 1/3 of the year ‘s weekends (not even including Summer Camp). That’s good news for them but bad news for us. There are no available weekends for the camp usage for essentially all of Feb and March even with us operating out of Eastover. With all the Summer Solstice planning, a Spring 2013 Paddle event and an Ironman length Triathlon I am designing for Sept 2013 (plus healing from torn Achilles and training to race again in 2013) I don’t have any weekends that will work for like 2 mo to have the final Feb Rogaine and AR Land Nav Challenge race in. So the event is history for now and will quietly slip into obscurity like so many races we have all done in our pasts. Check out the SBB website for our Spring Paddle Event in Chesapeake, VA as well as sign up early now for Summer Solstice and get BIG discounts. Sept 17th, 2012 – Hello all on a soggy rainy weekend in Tidewater. Since I am locked in with all the rain and a cast on my leg, I decided to get a jump on the 2013 season planning. Check out the tab wth our 2013 racing schedule plans schedule. We’ll probably have our last (in Surry) Rogaine on Feb 23rd, 2013. 2014 will leave us looking for a new venue. EARLY Bird Registration should be turned “On” in a few weeks or so w/ HUGE discounts. July 21st, 2012 – Hello all you SBB Racing Fans. A ton of things have happened in the last month so we’ll include the highlights and lowlights for everyone. As soon as we were cleaning up from the June Summer Solstice AR, we went immediately into final planning and packing for the 2012 Untamed NE Expedition Race. I headed out exactly 7 days from the Finish of the Summer Solstice to meet up w/ one of my Untamed teammates, Victor Lin. We drove all day that day into the night and finally ended up in northern Maine, 15 hrs later. We met up with our other 2 SBB Racing teammates and packed feverously for a 4 day/night experience. After the race briefing, it was onto map study for 4 hrs and route planning. An early morning start and we were off to Race Start. All was right with the world. 24 hrs later in the early morning hrs, I had a bike crash on the way to a TA and suffered a hairline crack and severly sprained wrist. Sadly to say, my big race was over. After returning from the hospital, I went into Volunteer mode so I could still be part of the race somehow. 2.5 days later my teammates shuffled into the Finish Line with big smiles on their faces. Fast fwd to last weekend and I’m playing softball in our end of season Tournament Championships and I step on a base while twisting my leg and tear my Soleus muscle (connects Achilles Tendon to upper leg near knee). So now 2 injuries later, I’m out for about 5 weeks from racing. However, it does give me time to start our planning for 2013 races. On that note, we are planning at least one more Feb 3/6/12 hr Rogaine Race since we aquired permission for all this new land to navigate on. We want to keep it fresh, challenging and interesting for you all. Also, after success and lessons learned at the Summer Solstice, we plan to have the race again in early June 2013. We also plan to put on one or two Orienteering meets, Rogaine Style in 2013. We have all new land to have you navigate and race on in 2013 so mark up your 2013 calendars for Sat Feb 23rd and Sat June 8th or 15th and watch the SBB Website for more dates for the O-Meets. With HR Adventure not putting on races in 2012, we are stepping up to offer you more local races in 2013 June 12th, 2012 – Well here I stand 3 days after the completion of our 1st Adventure Race with joy and sadness in me. Joy that so many got to experience 5 mo of hard work and battles with the City and Sadness that so many of you didn’t get that chance over one mistake on our part. It is amazing that one piece of info could have made a night and day difference for so many of you. AR is about adapting to what’s thrown at you. We had to make some quick changes and adjustments but it all went off OK. Then the wheels fell off on Sunday morning 1/3 of the way into the 8-hr race. I discussed what happened with a few key SBB Org staff and have some hopeful restitution for those who’s experience was not so good. Stay tuned to your emails for this. For the 18-hr race, it couldn’t have went any better. Lots of heated competition, some beautiful paddles, cool night rides and plenty of diversity at Lone Star Lakes for all to enjoy, not to mention FREE Pizza on the course in the middle of the night! More later…… May 30th, 2012 – Last day of May coming up and we are but 10 days away from racing in SE VA again! The courses have been tested 4 times and small changes made to make it an unforgettable experience for all. Lots of flowing comments from all the course testers (some Race Directors) whom all say a very memorable course that flos well with lots of smaler shorter sections and tons of Nav choices. Both race courses share over 30 possible checkpoints with the 18-hr race at 55 possible CPs. Last minute race entries have been flying in so we are closing the door on these on Monday morning June 4th. If you were at all thinking of racing, get signed up now, Registered racers will be talking about this course for quite awhile. See you all in 10 days! May 12th, 2012 – Happy Mother’s Day to you all. Sorry for the late Capt Comm Letter. I was with my wife’s and her family all day for Mother’s Day. Now I am up at 10:30 PM typing this to you all. Race course was Vetted Fri night/Sat AM and is right in line with our design. We are one month away and down to the last 50 or less slots for the race so if you planned to race, jump on over and get registered before all the slots are gone. One more course vetting Memorial Weekend by 2 Race Directors and a seasoned AR racer so any minute changes will happen then. Maps need to be ordered in 2 weeks so to insure we have a map for you, you have 2 weeks left to register. Same timeline for guaranteeing a T-Shirt. Hope to see all of you in a month! Capt Comm for the race is linked on the main SBB website Home page. April 8th, 2012 – Hello race fans. With all this warm weather, I know you all are locking in your race calendars for the year (I know I am!). Over the next couple months, there are a few great races to consider adding to your schedule: If you are kind of new to racing or not ready for a full 24 hr race, consider the 8-9-hr River Rock Festival Adventure Race in Richmond, VA on Sat May 19th, 2012. If you are seasoned racer and in shape, head off with me and others to OAR’s Wild & Wonderful 24-hr Adventure Race on the same day, May 19th, 2012 in Oak Hill, WV. After a few weeks rest from one of these races you will be ready for SBB Racing’s first full Adventure Race(s), the Summer Solstice AR on Sat and Sun June 9th & 10th, 2012. For the hearty of you all, the 18-hr race starts Sat night about 8PM and for the Sprint AR race, we will start bright and early at 7AM so we can all finish both races at the same time. Go to the Registration page soon and get signed up before we fill up (100 racers max) and to take advantage of the EARLY Bird Discount Registration cost. Don’t forget as well these 2 races are a Sanctioned part of the Checkpoint Tracker National Point Series of AR races! March 27th, 2012 – Well Spring decided to sneak up on all of us 3 weeks earlier than most years. Weeds and bugs are already out there as we work on finalizing the course for the June 9/10th Summer Solstice Adventure Races. Gonna be lots of interesting locations and lots of race choices for everyone so no one gets short-coursed. Feb Rogaine Kitchen Staff is preparing a huge Picnic with a full Field Kitchen for all of you racers. Hope to see all of you out there soon! Feb 29th, 2012 – Happy Leap Day everyone! Well most of you should be well rested after all your hard efforts at last Sat race. Over 120 of you joined SBB Racing in one of our three races. First responses from a number of you showed high levels of satisfaction to our new bike course and wooded areas. I hope after last Fri night’s downpour the botttoms weren’t to soggy for all of you at some of the CP areas. If any of you took any pictures or have any interesting stories, PLEASE send them to me to post on the website along with the results. We cleaned up the Dining Hall and swept up all the flags on Sunday and are completing the results to have for you all by the end of the weekend or earlier. Then, it is IMMEDIATELY onto the planning stages for the June 9th Summer Solstice for you all! Looking fwd to seeing all of you in just 4 quick months. Sign up now to get EXTRA Early Bird Discounts. Feb 22nd, 2012 – Well we are down to the last few days before the all new SBBRacing Rogaine & Land Nav Challenge. Weather looks great with temps Fri at 70 deg with a little rain in the morning making the Bottoms a little more Soggy for you. No rain Fri eve and NONE in the forecast for Sat. Temps sat are to be in the mid 50s so perfect racing weather. Looking fwd to seeing the 115 of you this Sat. Online Registration closes Thur 2/23/12 at Midnight to finalize our paperwork. Raceday Registration still avail for a late fee. See everyone Sat! Feb 1st, 2012 – Thanks to all of the 80 of you who pre-registered and saved a ton of money but alsohelped our planning & logistics side of this race. It has been a very labor-intensive planning race with Landowner and Org approvals and last minute CP changes in a couple instances. The course is now 100% designed, GPS Verified and on to MyTopo for printing. I decided to give you more time racing vs. plotting so the only race (or section of a race) that will have a few optional CP plottoing is in the 6-hr Bike section. All the rest of the CPs will be pre-plotted on your maps allowing more time in the woods. See all of you in 3 weeks )after I get back from Florida). Jan 23rd, 2012 – Hello all. Well I spent a rain soaked 11 hrs in the woods Sat placing over 50 Controls for the 3-hr and 12-hr Night-O courses. Those courses and now maps are complete. This weekend, I will repeat the exercise for 30+ CPs spread out over the 6-hr Bike-O section course. Remember there will be some rough biking (including a couple miles of single track with O-Points all around it) so plan decent tires and a couple tubes and pump in case of flat(s). Just picked up another Sponsor who gave us some more Free Gift certs that will be raffled off to all non-winning teams. Lastly, it looks like we may have a Massage Therapist at the race for post-race mini massages. Jan 2, 2012 – Happy New Years to you all! Thanks for the over 40 of you who registered early before New Years and saved over $25 ea off Race Day cost. Final Discounted Registration cost runs out Tue Jan 31st, 2012 so if you missed the EXTRA Early Bird registration, there’s still time to save some $$ by registering before Jan 31st. Also, to guarantee a T-Shirt, you must be registerd by Jan 31st, 2012. See everyone in 7 weeks! Dec 26th, 2011 – Happy Holidays to you all! I hope Santa brought you a new bike or boat or Racing gear for 2012. In 2 month, you will be able to use these in race format. There are ONLY 2 days remaining for EXTRA Early race registration where you can save $20+ off race-day registration cost for the Feb 25, 2012 3, 6 or 12-hr Rogaine. So click on over, register and save your gas money cost to the race. See you all in a couple months! Dec 13, 2011 – CHECKPOINT TRACKER NEWS! Great news for all you Adventure Racers in the Mid Atlantic area looking to add some more events for possible points. SBB Racing’s June 18-hr Expedition and 8-hr Sprint Summer Solstice Adventure Races have just been added to the Checkpoint Tracker 2012 Nationals Race Point Series. There will be lots of Navigation including a Paddle-O and even a Ropes element at this June race. Some June Race “Insider” tips will be shared with all those coming to our Feb Rogaine. Don’t forget EXTRA Early Bird discount Registrations open now at the SBB site. See all of you in a couple months! Nov 25th, 2011 – A Beautiful Warm Sunny “Black Friday” showed thousands of people maneuvering their way through crowds and planning shopping strategies while yours truly spent the awesome day AWAY FROM PEOPLE with my dog, hiking throughout the Pipsico woods planning your Feb 2012 Rogaine race. Sign up now for EXTRA Early Bird sign-up specials and save as much as $20 off your entry fee. Nov 9th, 2011 – A chilly and quite breezy day greeted the 2011 Urban-O competitors on Saturday. Many no-show racers due we assume to the strong winds but 62 tough competitors braved out the wind for a fun filled and challenging race. In the end, all said they really loved the new course and maps. We had 8 “First Timers” from a nice article in the VA Pilot come on out and brave the winds as well. Big plans for next year are already in the works with a couple National sponsors and a “Parking Lot” style party complete with music will be there for the 2012 installment of the Urban-O. If you missed the event but would like to still run the course, brand new maps and Clue Sheets are on sale at the website for $10 (which includes mailing costs). Complete 2011 results, CP Totals, Pictures & Videos are available on the 2011 Race Archive Tab. If you have any pics or video, send them to me to post on the site. Now it’s onto your Feb 25th,’2012 Rogaine Course Design for your ever busy SBB Founder and Race Director. Oct 8th, 2011 – Only 1 month left before the fun and challenging Fall Urban-O race is here. Don’t delay and avoid Race Day Late Registration fees by getting registered now before Online Secure Registration CLOSES Fri, Oct 28th. Sept 19th, 2011 -Don’t forget to join all the already registered Racers and REGISTER early and get the additional discount before SEPT 28th, 2011. Sept 1st, 2011 – Hello everyone! The SBB Secure Registration Page is now open for the 3-hr or 6-hr Fall Urban-O Meet. We are offering $5 off the Registration for Early Bird Registration before Sept 28th, 2011. We now even have a Family discount to bring the whole family and enjoy the Oceanfront area together for one price. We already had 5 persons sign up on the first day of Registration so far. Come join these for an exciting Nov 5th race! Aug 18th, 2011 – Now were out there cooking w/ gas! SBB Website is quickly being updated with current 2011/2012 Race Calendar, Event details and soon the Registration pages for these races will begin opening. We want to also add your AR Stories, Pictures, Videos, Ideas and Links to any cool sites you want to share with all. Send me any/all of this info to post at mark@sbbracing.com and I’ll get it put on the site for all of you to enjoy! August 5th, 2011 – Hello All! Well SBB Racing is back on track for a big 2011/2012 racing season full of some familiar and new races for all of you. Our Fall ’11 Urban O-Meet has over 75 all newly designed checkpoints, Feb 2012 will host our third annual 3, 6 & 12 hr Rogaine on an all new more rural course, Spring ’12 will reintroduce the planned ’11 Paddle-O Meet and we are proud to reintroduce our first full Adventure Race; the Summer Solstice AR for Summer ’12. Stay tuned to the SBB website for complete schedule dates for all these races. Feb 28th, 2011 – WOW and THANKS are all I can say to all of you who came out in support by racing in this weekend’s SBB Rogaine & Land Nav Challenge. You all were amazing and fun to work with. I appreciate all your patience in the few hiccups that happened in some of the races. Orchestrating 140 people in 3 simultaneous races as well as organizing land owners and other related scenarios for 70+ CPs over 12-hrs can get a little tricky. Especially when something you have pre-set agreement on for 2 mo all of a sudden is a problem for someone AND, they don’t tell you until it has become a problem (Chanco). I spent all of Sunday cleaning up both Eastover and Pipsico HQ locations as well as picking up the 70+ CP flags only to have to be back home in VA Bch for a Mandatory Umpire Meeting (did I mention I like to stay busy?). As such I have not even looked at one single punch card yet so please give me a couple days for my wife and I to sort through all them to figure out the results. I promise to have the complete results posted by the end of the week (or earlier) on the SBB Website, incl all punch locations. I’m sure all of you have a story or two of a CP ortwo that you had an issue with. Remember this was a Rogaine and none of the CPs were Mandatory so no one was short coursed as a result of not getting a CP. Lastly I want to say EMPHATICALLY the Brian Mayer is an ABSOLUTE MACHINE! He ANNHILATED our course in hours faster than I could have imagined possible. Way to go Brian! Watch for the results soon. Last thing, if you have any short cute comments on any specific CP or part of the race or any pictures you took or video, please send that to me so I can post all of them on the SBB Feb Results Page for all to enjoy. See you all in May for the Paddle-O and June for our Summer Solstice Adventure Race? Feb 14th, 2011 (10:30 PM) – Well thanks to all of you we will be at approx 130 Total racers for the 3 races. Online Registration will remain for 5 additional days till Sat the 19th at Midnight with the increased Late Fees pricing and no T-Shirts will be available for any new registrants. If you missed it, you can still get in. Please just do so quickly to help avoid such a logistical nightmare on race morning for all the volunteers. Feb 13th, 2011 – It’s 5 min after midnight on the last “Official Registration day and it was a DOOZY today. All you late registrants (37 of you) registered on our last day. I spent 5 hrs on the computer remanipulatingall the forms. Be proud that you all are part of an event with over 125 people racing on Feb 26th! We look fwd to challenging and thrilling you on the courses and filling your bellies with plenty of good, home-made food afterwards. Thanks and we will see you all in 2 weeks! Feb 9th, 2011 – Well all right! The race is finally coming together on all fronts. All the design is done, all “NEW” CPs have been chosen and tested, Flags have been hung, Forms and Spreadsheets developed and tweaked, and FINAL Deadline for secure Registration is rapidly approaching on this Sat the 12that Midnight! Monday all Maps, T-Shirts, Food and more will be ordered and then it is just a couple short weeks before we are all together again. Lots of prizes this year as we prepare for a season filled with Clinics, Rogaines, Paddle-O meets and Urban O-meets. Don’t forget to download and fill out the Liability and Medical Waivers off the webpage under “Race Details”. Let any last-minute Procrastinator friends know to register before Sat to avoid missing a T-Shirt and additional Late Fees come race day. Jan 28th, 2011 – Hello everyone! Well as you can see, the SBB Website is back up again and even better than before. We have moved to a new Web Host Server and rebuilt the website adding in all our Sponsors and Friends Logos w/ direct hot links as well as links to articles, stories, directions and more of helpful info. Click around and check it all out. We plan to replace these approx every monthor so with new helpulinfo. If you see any info or sites that you’d like to share with the AR, Paddling and Orienteering communities, send them to me and we will post them on the site for all to enjoy. Send us your Pictures, Videos, Race reports and stories and we will add in a page for that too!