2012 STORM AR Race FAQs

What is the scale of the maps?
The maps will have a couple scales. The Main race map will be a MyTopo 1:24,000 scale and any Orienteering Maps will be 1:10,000 Scale.

How many maps will we be receiving?
Racers will get 1-2 large MyTopo Map (1:24K) and “Possibly” 1-2 Orienteering Maps at any O-Section(s) of the race. O-Section Maps will be pre-plotted.

Will the maps be waterproof?
The MyTopo Map is waterproof but any ink on it will most likely run if it gets wet with all the water in this race. Highly suggest having adequate Map protection. (ie Map Case)

Will we be plotting the points onto the maps we receive?
Most CPs will be pre-plotted but “some” plotting will be required during the race on their MyTopo maps with free provide Map Plotting Tool (if needed). Any 1:10K O-Section maps will be pre-plotted.

Where is the START Location of this race?
The Host City will be Cape Charles, VA. The exact START/FINISH location for this race will be announced a few weeks before this race via the Capt. Communication.

What if I am missing a piece of gear specified on the gear list?
AR folks are always prepared. We’re sure there will be another team out there who might have the missing item needed. If found on the course that you’re missing an item being checked, your team will receive the Missing Gear penalty(s).

When will we get our maps and rules of travel?
Teams will get their maps and rules of travel after your entire team has completed the check in process.

Can we check in if a team member will not be there for check-in?
No, unless there is a special circumstance. If so, let us know ahead of time and we will try to accommodate your team.

When will the Gear Check be performed?
SBB Racing Volunteers WILL be checking gear out on the race course twice. Each item missing will equal a penalty of one mandatory checkpoint.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

There are no refunds for our SBB races. However, we will offer up to a 50% credit to a future SBB event for 30 days or more cancellation prior to race event date. 30 days or less before the event, no credits will be issued.


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