Summer Solstice Results

SBB Racing’s 1st ever Adventure Race went off with a great course for the 18-hr racers and lots of drama around it. We know many of you have been anxiously awaiting these results and we have been trying to finish cleaning up the course and compile the punches, credits and times for you all. The 18-hr results have been completed and the 8-hr race results are as completed as they can be with teams unable to finish from a map/instruction issue. Congratulations go out to the Race Winner Soloist Ronny Angell of Team Odyssey Adventures Racing who was in a fierce battle with 3-man Team Northernlights who both cleared the 56 CP course. After a “hanging chad” was discovered by our volunteer adding up the Punch Cards and rechecking our original posted results, it was discovered that co-ed’s Steven Wendell and Stacy Gelhaus of Team Fortitude also cleared the 56 CP course eaking their way in for 3rd Place. This moved (Not so Lucky now) 2-man Team Getting Lucky and Soloist Kara Chaconas of Team Clip down one place to 4th and 5th places respectively. Below are the Punches and complete Overall Results of the 18-hr race:

Summer Solstice 18-hr Punches and Results

The 8-hr course was completed as a whole by only a few teams due to a map/instruction problem. Congratulations go out to Tom O’Donnell and Erik Gruner of Team A-List/Too Many Kids for a full course finish. Following up for 2nd place overall was Father & Son team Greg & Josh Pike of Team Pike’s Peak. Co-eds Jon Bertheussen and Kira Wilson of Team Yorkie Butts were 3rd Place Overall. Below are the Punches and complete Overall Results of the 8-hr race.

Summer Solstice 8-hr Punches and Results